“What Tha Fluff” Adhesive

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From the RETENTION QUEENS, we bring you, “What Tha Fluff” Adhesive! This adhesive has some of the best retention on the market cutting back time on refills and touch ups! It’s fast drying, thin-medium viscosity was designed to create the cleanest/neatest sets with minimal stickies! It has been tested in multiple humidities and is rated as the HOLY GRAIL! It’s Strong, Thin, and Flexible! What more can we ask for?

For Extended Retention: Adhesive must be used with Lashfully, Arabella Pre-Treatment Primer/Accelerator & Super Bonder. For a extra added retention, retail “Swipe Right” Coating/ Sealtant to client to be used every 2-3 days after washing lashes.

Dry Time: .5-1sec dry time
Retention: 7-8 weeks Extended Retention
Viscosity: Thin-Medium
Fumes: Minimal
Structure: Flexible
Temperature: 65-71°F ( 69-70° is the sweet spot for most lash artists! This may not work for everyone depending on your humidity!)
Humidity 40%- 60%
Shelf Life: Unopened 6 months. Opened 3-4 weeks.
•5ml bottle

Professional Tips:
•Always wash lashes before applying a set.
•Use Lashfully,Arabella Pre-Treatment Primer/Accelerator after washing lashes.
•Shake well before use (At least 1 minute) •Change adhesive dot every 15min.
•We find that 69°F is the perfect sweet spot in ALMOST any environment! This may not be true for everyone depending on humidity.
•Wipe adhesive nozzle clean after every use with cotton free Lashfully, Arabella nozzle wipes.
•Can be used for Classic, Hybrid, Volume, Mega Volume, and Super Mega Volume sets!
•Product must be used on completely closed eyes throughout application.
•Under eye gel patches and medical foam help to minimize fumes.

•Store in cool, dark container out of UV light.
•Do not store in fridge.
•Use in a well ventilated work environment.

Shelf Life:
Opened bottle: 30 days.
Unopened bottles (in good /right condition):5-6 month

•FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Proper licensing is required for use of professional products.
•Lashfully, Arabella/ Lashfully, Arabella LLC is not responsible for accidents or misuse of this product.
•Do not apply to skin.
•Applying excessive amounts of “What The Fluff” adhesive can cause to enter the eye and cause discomfort.
•Keep away from children, food, animals and heat.
•Note that because allergies are developed over time, an allergic reaction can happen after more than one exposure to chemical.
•Client Information Consent Form is required before applying lash extensions.
•Read instructions before use.

Liquid products, including adhesive, primers, bonders, lash shampoo, sealants, coatings, lash growth serums, makeup remover wipes, and cream based products cannot be exchanged or returned.

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